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In this episode of Ask Dr. Doreen, Shannon and the founder of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders answer viewer questions about anxiety, depression, teaching skills to our children on the autism spectrum and much, much more! Check it out! The Questions that shannon answered are below.


5:09 - I’m the mom with the son who had a traumatic experience at the dentist. It’s been so hard to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, everywhere it’s a waiting time, and he’s on Guanfacine at the moment

Not seeing a difference in his anxiety

12:37 - Are there any resources for families that have a 19 year old son with Autism that is becoming transgender? I have a student going through this, but unfortunately his family does not support it and refuses to talk about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

17:40 - Dr. Doreen, is there a resource for teenagers on the spectrum if they are at risk (depression, suicidal) that they can talk to?

22:50 – How can I get more Independent language? This morning we walked outside and he said brrr it’s cold. I want more please independent unit. His language is improving, I want to know what to do to encourage him to communicate.

26:51 - My 6 years old son knows how to count to 100. But how do I start to teaching him how to add/subtract ?

27:53 – FREE lesson this week on “Parent School Readiness Skills”

30:30 – Is RBT for parents different from what the techs do?

31:05 – Can you let CARD parents know about the free skills lesson?

38:11 – What is the name of the free skills lesson this week for parents?

45:47 - Hi- I have questions about scripting. My son loves to use script from cartoons and kids movies. Sometimes it’s silly but we are more concerned about the script that sounds threatening. For example, “I will kill you for this” from the jungle book movie. “I will shoot you” from The secret life of pets. Now he uses those scripts when he is angry as well. I have heard 9 year old boy was charged with crime in GA for scripting from game “I will burn down school with fire bottles “. So I am extremely nervous and desperate who to ask for help. My son loves school but now I am so scared to send him to school. I can’t trust teacher that they will send my son to jail and charged with crime for scripting.

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