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Recorded Live September 27, 2022 @10am PT

4:26 My son with ASD & ADHD is almost 13, and in the last few weeks his behavior has escalated significantly. We have an urgent appointment with his psychiatrist on Tuesday but I wanted to hear from other parents and experts. He has abruptly begun exploding violently with siblings over such offenses as “she was whining!” (he spit in 5 y/o sisters food when my back was turned and justified it because she was whining.) I hear a thud and ‘ow’ from 3 year old in the other room. “He was going too slow on the stairs!” (He hit him into the wall.) I don’t know what to do. I am terrified that he will seriously injure a siblings. All I can think of is the next time this happens we go to the hospital because I don’t know what else to do. please help me

18:48 We are dealing with aggression. If my son is told “no” or can not do what he wants when he wants he tells us “you don’t love me anymore? I”m going to leave and not come back.” How do we curb this? Not to mention he does throw things and hits but not all the time.

31:14 Tylenol Class Action Lawsuit PSA Sponsored by Shapiro Legal Group

33:10 Is autism and ADHD Related?

36:29 Can sensory issues can increase with age?

37:59 Is there a good trick to start pronouncing words more distinctly?

Pointing and repeating the same words over again and mispronouncing words.

41:46 Do you think DRA is an appropriate intervention for a teen adjusting or maybe itching by private parts in public? Total time engaging in that behavior might be about 4 seconds long, 2 or 3 times a day.

47:09 ASD & Device Addiction

53:20 My non-verbal almost 3 year old son is still breastfeeding periodically through the day and night and is still sleeping in our bed. He’s also a terrible eater and never tells me when he’s hungry other than my assumption when he pushes me towards a chair and tries lifting my shirt. I don’t really know where to begin to wean him because I don’t know what he understands and I know he uses it for comfort. He wakes up several times a night to nurse and switch sides which means I’m awake too and getting angry that I’m not getting sleep. What do I do?

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