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Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions! Today, Dr. Doreen answers questions about homeschooling, Meltdowns, ADHD and more! Tune in and check it out! Recorded Live 10am PT July 5th, 2022 #AutismSpectrumDisorder #Autism #autismpodcast

5:15 Potty Training

My son knows the steps to clean himself after a bowel movement but does not clean himself voluntarily. When We provide him he toilet paper He just toss this in the toilet but does not clean himself. When we do hand over hand is the only time He clean himself. What to do to make him understand that is important to clean himself after a BM? Thank you in advance.

09:04 Responding from Another Room My son, 13, is doing all kinds of new things! He used to not answer us if he was in another room. Recently he has been answering us from another room but not extremely loud enough for us to hear him. I want to ask his new BCBA to write a goal for this. Any thoughts and ideas on this?

11:32 How can I help get Rid of a Script?

How can i help get rid of a script my so. picked up . its a violent phrase? it was something he heard from a show clip. he says it randomly.

16:14 My son who is 5 years old and he keeps talking about poop.

My son who is 5 years old and he keeps talking about poop. We ignore it and it goes away but right back at it.

19:46 here is a question for both of you. I’m volunteering at mu churches VBS and have to wear A inflatable koala suit. the problem is, is that children freak me out. what can I do to do good with this opportunity?

24:29 How do we teach parents how to spot “bad” ABA and as BCBAs, get more “good/great” ABA out in the world?

31:31 Hi Shannon and Dr. Doreen. Sometimes I find myself in conflict between putting too much pressure on my son, with his intervention demands, and just "accepting him the way he is". Is there a balance?

40:27 Hi there, my Son is 20 years old and when he gets frustrated ( I think it’s that) he starts pounding his chest, and I can’t seem to redirect him at that moment cause he’s upset obviously, how can I help him to get away from this type of behavior, thank you so much.

42:55 Potty Training hi Shannon and Dr. Doreen.. My son always jumps and run here and there before going for potty. I tried so much to make him sit on the toilet seat and go for potty. can you suggest anything?

43:44 There was a post this morning about a SLP who told a mom that ABA was like a “cult”. Glass walls, no parents aloud. I’ve had a BCBA that told me there was no data behind diet.

45:12 My question is for Dr Doreen. I recently hired ABA Consultant and instead of assessing my daughter he was flirting with the teachers. After 2hrs of observations he charged me 500pounds& send me 1 page. I live in London and I am really disappointed with the services or lack of service. He also sent me email insisting that he wants to train my daughter's teachers. I informed him I want you to train me He wants to train the teachers instead. Many thanks.

47:20 I have dyspraxia, ADHD and Asperger’s traits . Have you heard of this combination? When is the chat live?

50:02 I have a 3 yr that has ADHD and autism he gets really violent he start hitting me throwing things at me kicking things and screaming when tell him no or if he’s doing something that can hurt him and I say to get down because he going to get hurt he gets out of control how do help him not get to that level.

53:55 My son is 7 and is doing great but I’m just overwhelmed and feel defeated at times. This is for the long haul and I’m tired. I love my son but I’m struggling with the forever of it all! Shannon Penrod's book is out now! Order from the link below!

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