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Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about eloping, chewing, headbanging and much more! Tune in and see what our favorite autism expert has to say about these situations!

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7:17 Dealing with Grief My long time gaming buddy got diagnosed with both late stage brain and lung cancer and is not expected to live very long and I am not handling it well. What can I do?

14:15 Eloping I have an issue with eloping with my 5 year old autistic son. He knows how to unlock locks, climb on chairs to get them open, no matter what locks we use, he gets out. I need to shower during the night while he is asleep and make sure he is in the bathroom when I need to use it. It is the scariest thing. I can barely cook in the kitchen unless he is in there with me, how do I tame this? He will be starting Kindergarten in August.

31:32 Chewing My son doesn't chew, I have to puree all of his food, he has constant constipation, we have tried miralax etc, do you have any suggestions?

42:14 ABA In the fall my son will be starting ABA preschool 30 hours weekly 9-3. We would like to continue CARD ABA 4:30-7 at home. Do you think that he will be overwhelmed?

43:15 Opinions about ABA

57:29 Medication

1:01:05 Head Banging

Hi, so happy I’ve found your YouTube. My 2year old grandson is recently diagnosed w/asd and we are on waiting list for card. My ? Is what can we do to help with his head banging.

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