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Autism Expert and pioneer in the field of Autism, Psychologist and BCBA, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh is answering viewer questions about chores, insurance ABA and more! Write in and leave a comment with your question for a chance to get it answered LIVE in real time! Or Check us out Later wherever you get your podcast!

3:27 I'm panicking because my child graduates in 30 days What happens after there's no more school

13:15 Chores

13:51 Hi my son is 25. High functional. Bit when he comes at home after his work. he don't want to help in the house. I al sick and have to may help for mol the grass. He doesn't help cleaning. He wants you leave my house but he does not know administrative work. Don't kook. Doesn't clean. He's 25.

18:01 Insurance and costs associated with ABA

27:16 Good morning ladies, I was hoping you could give me some advice regarding sertraline. My son was previously on Fluoxetine for anxiety but was changed to Sertraline due to an increase in his OCD, started at 25mg now on 50mg. On the new tablet we are experiencing more anger, agitation and lack of interest in activities. Can sertraline cause these side effects? He's also takes guanfacine 2mg xx 29:58 Hi Dr. Doreen! My son is 28 months old, showing signs for ASD, also non verbal. I’m so overwhelmed and scared. Trying to help him before it’s too late. Going to ABA (2,5h drive) for 12 hours a week. On a waitlist to get 24 hours but thats max what they are offering. afraid it won’t be enough. Will it be successful to become his ‘therapist’? Learning ABA en skills he needs to develop. From Holland

36:25 ABA for higher functioning individuals.

42:16 Does anyone have a go to book for parents of newly diagnosed kiddos. I have a friend whose child was just diagnosed I'm not sure where to point them

50:25 It's been a minute since I dealt with the newly diagnosed. How can I help her the most?

52:10 Wondering what the medication is for a 3 1/2 yo that shows physical harm to others when denied access or told no. If ABA doesn’t work to tame his aggression, what are our options? He had yeast belly and cdiff

58:25 ABA in Germany

58:23 Dr. Doreen on TikTok

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