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Its time for another episode of Ask Dr. Doreen! Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, BCBA-D and our host Shannon Penrod discuss the recent autism prevalence numbers released by the CDC, Therapist Recommended toys from the autism Live Gift and Toy Guide, an article from about "Profound Autism" and answer questions written in from the live viewers! Tune in and check it out! Links below!


7:00 2021 Autism Prevalence Numbers

11:10 my question is about the prevalence numbers. I was diagnosed with pddnos around 1999-2000 and regular ASD in 2007. the numbers are so alarming. any way to figure out how big this jump will get in for example 10 years time. what should we do to curtail the numbers a little bit.

15:00 Lance Commission Calls for a New Category

25:30 My Question is- I want to start my child on the Vitamin b12 shots but the PCP is refusing to give me a prescription. According to her he is not deficient on Vitaminb12 and she is not aware f that info. Please what do I need to do or go to be able to get this prescription for my son. I have done a lot of research and I think this will make a major difference in my son's improvement. I need help

27:50 Hi, I would like to know if a child with ASD has meltdowns for long time and he is non verbal, what can be done to calm him down.

39:28 Therapist Choice Award Winners

39:55 Therapist Choice Award Winner - Baby / Toddler: Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether by Manhattan Toy

41:09 Therapist Choice Award Winner - Pre-school: Stacking Peg Board Set by Gleeporte

42:45 Therapist Recommendation Winner - School-aged: Balloon Cars by KiwiCo

43:55 Therapist Recommendation Winner - Tween/Teen: Let’s Mingle by Fun Tribe Crew

44:42 Therapist Recommendation Winner - Adult: Noise Canceling Headphones by Cowin

47:13 Therapist Recommendation Winner - Caregiver: Calm Premium Gift Card by Calm

49:08 Festival of Toys for Award Winning School-Aged Toys

50:04 Top Toy Award Winner - Ultra Dash by Playmonster®

50:38 Boredom Buster Award Winner - Craft-tastic® Surprise Balls Kit by Ann Williams

51:05 Best Speech Builder Winner - Gib Gab by Fat Brain Toys®

52:06 Best Educational Toy Winner - Math Wizards and the Secrets of the Dragons by Osmo

52:51 Best Book Winner - Balloons by By Rainbow Mosho

55:35 Sensitive Santa Information

1:00:45 This week on Autism Live

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