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The founder of the Center for Autism and Related Disorders is back to answer viewer questions about potty training, anxiety, and much more! check it out! Questions answered below!
06:57 - Hoping you could discuss Autism Children non Verbal. Some of the children have been effected about COVID 19. Our Grandaughter who was potty trained. Now went backwards And not using the toilet. Asking for help and suggestions.
 11:18 - My son is 6 years old autistic and was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two weeks ago and also has anxiety, is there any resources that I can get for my son , I don’t feel comfortable leaving him with anyone but a nurse?
 18:44 – Free Training Modules from the Institute for Behavioral Training: Parent Useful Strategies for your Home, Educator Behavior Management Training
 22:36 - I wonder if Skills can also provide programs for behaviors. For instance my child is scared of the noise of appliances and he has to take the food out of the air fryer straight away when it sounds otherwise he screams and cries also, unexpected noises from appliances make him mad. I don’t know what to do and I don’t have a BCBA on board at the moment.
 32:14 - Parent of a 4 year old.. using skills...really great tool...would you recommend someone for therapy in India (New Delhi)??
 35:25 - I never thought of emailing the list of free stuff to my kids teacher. Shannon that is brilliant!
 40:11 -  Hello` my 10yrs old with autism gets very upset, He says his voice sounds like a girl and that there is something in his voice, he gets so upset he hits himself. we have try putting him in front of a mirror and asking him what he see’s, and he says a boy, so I don’t understand why he keeps saying he sounds like a girl, this has been going on for many months and we don't know what to do, he sometimes won’t speak, and will just point or use head to answer yes or no, what can we do. We are waiting on card services to finish our process with the insurance to see when we can start services. we are in new jersey,
 46:13 - can we get bcba support by CARD? Even in the UK ABA practice is very less
 48:13 – I have a teenage son that is 17 years old, and is on the spectrum. He gets Hugh anxiety when he is reminded to do things he already knows how to do. Do you have some advice to help him with his anxiety during this time? He is arguing under his breath. He gets close to a meltdown and can be in safe. He is in a class and arguing with the instructor with what she is teaching him
 53:22 - I really need help with my 2 year old dr believes that my son has autism. My son is so hard to deal with. What do I need to do differently to make my son behave
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