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Jul 11, 2022

Autism Live host Shannon Penrod joins us LIVE to discuss Stimming and information about stimming that could be very useful for parents! Join us LIVE so you can participate with the group! Write in your questions and experiences! Don't miss Ask Dr. Doreen tomorrow! LIVE at 10am PT!

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Autism Jargon – Stimming

Question – How do you stim?

Topic of Week – Empowering those on the Spectrum

Stimming Stim is an abbreviation of the phrase Self-Stimulatory Behavior, but stimming is often used to describe behaviors that are self-soothing AND behaviors that are self-stimulatory.

Important things to remember.

Everybody Stims.

Stimming serves a purpose.

Before targeting any behavior for change you should ask WHY you want to change the behavior. Is it necessary to change the behavior?

Why is the individual engaging in the behavior?

What need is it fulfilling? Can that need be met in another way?

What are some ways to replace a behavior?

What are some ways to put limitations on a behavior?

What are the ethical guidelines to working on these kinds of behaviors? What are some ways to work with your team to be compassionate in working on these behaviors?

What can we do to destigmatize stimming behaviors?

How can we educate others?

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