Autism Live

In this episode of Autism Live, our guest covers Adaptive Skills for the Jargon of the day! After that, our host demo's and reviews the award winning toys from the autism live gift and toy guide! Tune in and watch!


4:14 The Autism Network


12:43 Jargon of the Day - Adaptive Skills


14:07 Adaptive Skills - Actual Definition


15:38 Adaptive Skills - Working Definition


24:45 Question of the Day - What would you like your child to do for themselves?


33:50 Topic of the Week - The 5000 hour expert


43:13 Autism Live Gift and Toy Guide Review Best Board Game and Puzzle Award Winners


45:58 Best Card Game Award Winner - Zoo® Crew Memory Game by  SkipHopNYC


48:07 Best Board Game Award Winner - Zingo® by  @ThinkFun


49:33 Best Board Game Award Winner - Keys to the Capitals® by  @Golden Bell Studios


50:35 Best Card Game Award Winner - Hasty Baker by Go Chuckle


54:25 Best Board Game Award Winner - Articulate! by  TOMY Toys


55:22 Best Card Game Award Winner - Jeopardy! Card Game by Endless Games


56:12 Award Winning Puzzle Winner Reviews


56:18 Best Puzzle Award Winner - Toddlers First Textured Sensory Puzzle Kit by KAPLAN®


56:50 Best Puzzle Award Winner - Self-Correcting Alphabet Wooden Puzzle by  @Melissa & Doug


57:26 Best Puzzle Award Winner - Moon Spinner by  ThinkFun


57:46 Best Puzzle Award Winner - 3D Marble Run Wooden Puzzle by RO Wood


58:39 Best Puzzle Award Winner - Harry Potter™ Hogwart’s™ Clocktower by @Wrebbit 3D Puzzle


1:00:59 Best Puzzle Award Winner - Holiday Harmony Puzzle by MasterPieces®

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